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Raise a Missing Credit Ticket

Completed Any Task or Offer and Didn't get Credited? Don't Worry, Just follow steps below and we will take care of everything.

What is Missing credit?

Sometimes when user have completed any Task or Offer but they did not get credited for it on their favorite rewards website from where the offer was completed. Usually this may happen due to some network issues which refrained offer from getting credited.

What to do in case of Missing Credit?

First of all please check "Offer Status" in case of Surveys, or "Task Status" in case of Tasks from the Offer Wall. If status is showing as "Credited" which means that you have completed the offer successfully and have been credited by us. If you did not get credited for it on your favorite rewards website from where the offer was completed, In such case you need to contact the site Admin and the respective site Admin will look into this issue and credit you.

If status is showing as "Reversed or Rejected" which means that the Offer or Task you have completed has been Denied or Reversed by the Advertiser or the Survey Provider. If the status of "Surveys" is showing as Reversed that means survey or offer completed by you have been Rejected by the Survey or Offer provider. In such case you cannot raise Missing Ticket as that Denial is final. But if you have completed any Survey or Offer and it's not showing Neither as "Credited" and Nor as "Reversed", in such cases you may Raise a Missing Credit Ticket.

In case of "Tasks" if the status is shown as "Denied or Rejected", and you think that you have completed the Task and Advertiser has denied it falsely, for such cases you may Raise a Missing Credit Ticket.

How to Open a Missing Credit Ticket?

Currently, you can open a Missing credit ticket from Contact Us or Support page. You can find link of Contact Us or Support page at the bottom of Offer Wall Page or Home Page of Ad Click Wall. You can also "Click Here" to open a Support Ticket.

Is there any time period for which Missing Credit is accepted?

Yes, you can only raise a Missing Credit Ticket for Offer or Task completed in past 7 days.

What details to provide in Missing Support Ticket?

We will need details such as your username, website from which you accessed our Offer Wall and completed the particular Task or Offer. For your comfort we have drafted a message below which you may use to contact us for a Missing Credit.

Dear Admin,

I have completed an Offer but I have not received credit for it, below are the details related to the completed Offer :

Username -
Website on which Offer was completed -
Offer name -
Date -

Please look into it and reward me in case of successful completion.

Thank You.

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