How can I setup an ad ?

1. Add funds in your wallet (Purchase Balance).

2. Go to "Advertiser" from top menu and select the Ad type you want to add.Then fill on all the details and create your Ad.

3. Once you have created your Ad now you have to Add credits to your Ad according to how many clicks/submits you require.

When my funds are approved ?

All funds are approved within 2 - 24 hours after we receive payment from you.

When are my ads approved ?

All ads submitted are approved instantly.

How can I transfer my Account Balance to Advertising Balance ?

Usually we do not allow this transfer but we may allow this to some users with high trust score. In Order to transfer your Account Balance to Advertising Balance, you will have to open a support ticket mentioning your username, registered e-mail address and amount you want to transfer.

What are the different PTC Ad categories ?

Following are the details of different PTC Ad categories and credit cost per click :

Ad Name Ad Time (Seconds) Credits Per Click Geo-Targeting Ad Description
Micro (5s) 05s 1 Yes Yes
Mini (10s) 10s 2 Yes Yes
Standard (15s) 15s 3 Yes Yes
Extended (20s) 20s 4 Yes Yes
Ultimate (30s) 30s 5 Yes Yes
Exclusive (40s) 40s 6 Yes Yes
Supreme (60s) 60s 8 Yes Yes

What are the different Task Ad categories ?

Following are the details of different Task Ad categories and credit cost per complete :

Task Ad Type Credits per Completion Geo-Targeting Task Description
$0.05 1 Yes Yes
$0.10 2 Yes Yes
$0.15 3 Yes Yes
$0.20 4 Yes Yes
$0.25 5 Yes Yes
$0.30 6 Yes Yes
$0.50 10 Yes Yes
$1.00 20 Yes Yes
$2.00 40 Yes Yes